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  •    Despite  the  relatively  young  age  of  the   enterprise,   the   winery   has already participated in numerous events for wine producers. In 2000 the company participated in Yerevan 2000 Fair of Wine, Cognac, Vodka, and Beer and won gold medal. Currently Kimley is involved in projects with the International Council of Churches. In the framework of IREX project entitled “Community Connections”, the director Michael Grigoryan visited California to establish links with local wine producers and marketing specialists.

  •    In July 2001 the company participated in the  Three  Countries  of  South Caucasus Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan; in Expo Made in Armenia 2001 in Glendale, U.S.; in Drinks Russia Exhibition, and in 10 Years of CIS International Exhibition in Moscow, Russia.

  •    In 2002, the company took part in  several  international  exhibitions  and was awarded medals, such as: Vinni Pogreb in Moscow, where the Areni Country wine of Kemley was awarded a silver medal; ProdExpo 2002 in Moscow where a silver medal was awarded to Areni Country 98 wine; and Internfood 2002 in St. Petersburg. Also, the company’s wines were awarded a gold medal at the Annual International Exhibition ArmprodExpo 2002 in Yerevan.

  •    Kimley  LLC  started  collaboration   with   USDA   Marketing   Assistance Project (MAP) in 1998. The purpose of the collaboration was to develop small-scale wine production in Vayots Dzor Region. Financial assistance was provided to increase the purchase of grapes from local grape growers and to obtain bottles, corks of European standard. In addition, technical assistance is provided to the company to increase marketing potential. With USDA MAP sponsorship the young experts of the winery participated in a number of training programs locally and abroad.

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