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  •    Kimley LLC is a small-scale winery located in Areni Village  (109 km from the center of Yerevan), Vayots Dzor Region. It is situated on the left side of the Yerevan-Meghri highway, close to the signboard “Areni”. Local people know Kimley LLC as Michael’s winery.

  •   Established  in  1998,  Kimley  LLC  is  mainly  involved  in  production  of semidry and dry wines. Since 1998, along with new wine production methods, the company has recovered the traditional methods of Areni wine production. They focus on preserving the traditional viticulture of the region. In addition, they have adopted up-to-date methods essential for high quality wine production.

  •    Farmers  of  Areni,  Aghavnadzor  and  Rind  villages  supply  Areni   and Kakhet grape varieties used for the production of high quality tasteful wines.

  •    The winemaking activities start in the field with selection of  high  quality grape. As soon as the grape is delivered to the winery, it is smashed and skimmed in the fermentation basin. After the fermentation cycle is completed the sediment is separated and the rest of the mass is pressed for secondary sediment. After this process, the wine is kept for one year. The wine is aged for three years in oak barrels. Later the wine is bottled and labeled. Aging continues in bottles if necessary.

  •    The company produces nine brands of semi dry and dry wines.

  •    The final  product  is  packed  in  cardboard  boxes,  plastic  shrink-wrap boxes (12 pc), and souvenir packs (2 pc). Wines are stored in cellars under 14-20° C.

  •    Kimley’s annual wine production is 100-120 thousand bottles and about 50-60 thousand bottles are sold annually. The rest is kept for aging.

  •    Russian  Tavinko  Company  and  the  Lebanese   “Noranor”   Company imported 3. 000 and 1. 800 bottles accordingly in year 2000.

  •    The company intends to increase its  annual  production  up  to  600-700 thousand bottles. It has planned also to add new wine brands and new products such as brandy, vodka and raisin, which are traditional for the region.


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 From the beginning


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Future plans (architectural concept of the future complex)


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 On the traditional base (archaeological finds of medieval wine clay-pots during the building of the complex)

Shine on your crazy diamond 

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 Empty baskets needed

 Oak barrels in the cellar

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 Areni grape variety

Grape skimming

 To the celler

 To be fixed

 Oak barrels in the cellar