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 Sardarapat Government

 Top secret

 New wave

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    Juice demonstration

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  •    Situated between Ararat and Aragats and Geghama Mountains,  Armavir Region is part of the Ararat Valley, the largest and most fertile territory among the forty valleys of the Armenian highland. The region is well known for its delicious fruits and vegetables.

  •    Armavir Cannery was established in 1943  in  Armavir  Region,  which  is 46. 5 km South West of Yerevan in the center of Ararat Valley. By its production capacity Armavir Cannery was among the ten largest canneries in the former USSR and was the biggest supplier of canned fruit and vegetable products in Armenia.

  •    Sardarapat  JSC   was   established   on   the   base   of   former   Armavir Cannery. The president of “Sardarapat” Mr. Lavrenti Adulyan and his staff are continuing the good traditions of the cannery existing for the decades.

  •    The cannery occupies 16. 000m2 space.

  •    With the financial assistance of USDA Marketing Assistance Project, World Bank and Lincy Foundation new production lines have been set up:
            Finnish ELOPAK filling line with a capacity of 4. 500 boxes per hour packs natural juices into Pure Pack cartons;
            Italian FBR ELPO filling line with a capacity of 2. 5 tonnes per hour fills tomato paste and fruit puree into aseptic bags (up to 220 liters);

            Eggplant paste production line.

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 Juice parade

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 Rocket tanks

 12 in a pack

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 Metal planet

 Labeling team

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 Packaging line

 Packaging equipment

 Pickled metal

  Pickled metal

 Cleaning ladies?